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12 Men You Did Not Know Existed.

The world is full of interesting people that you may not ever encounter in your daily life. These are the kind of people with unique, and special characteristics that make them stand out from the rest. Your parents might have told you it’s not polite to point and stare at someone, but sometimes you can’t just help taking a quick peek because differences can be extraordinary to witness. These 12 men certainly qualify as people you might point, and stare at all in good fun though because I bet you didn’t even know they existed.

#Romario dos Santos Alves

Romario dos Santos Alves
Romario dos Santos Alves

This real life body builder from Caldas Novas, which is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Goiás, has muscles the size of that old green superhero, The Hulk. Children routinely stop and stare at his gigantic muscles which for this 25 year old, father of one is an everyday occurrence. He gets these muscles from an injected steroid cocktail, and many hours of working out. You don’t want to cross this Hulk wannabe, but I’m sure he doesn’t get as angry as the green one from the Avengers movies.

#Gary Turner

Gary Turner
Gary Turner

This man’s nickname is “stretched” because he is able to stretch his loose skin so far that he can create a surface area able to hold three glasses of liquid. His unusual condition does have a name, and it’s Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which causes his skin tissue to become loose, and weak over time. At 41-years-old he has starred in the “Circus of Horrors” side show, and says that pulling on his skin or hanging things from it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s quite odd to see this rare disease in the flesh, and only affects 1 in 10,000 people.

#Sanju Bhagat

Sanju Bhagat

This Indian man has such a unique oddity that only affects a few people each year. When he was thirty years old he went to the doctor because his stomach kept growing larger, and larger causing him some discomfort. The doctor took x-rays to discover that Sanju’s own twin brother had attached to him in his mother’s womb, and basically lived like a parasite off his body for his entire life. The doctor’s were able to operate to remove the twin who already had his own legs, and arms.

#Manna Mondal

Manna Mondal

Another Indian man who has lived with a rare condition is Mannan, whose face looks like it’s melting. Despite his increasingly bizarre appearance he has managed to live a pretty normal life. He’s married, and has four children. To add insult to injury, he is also missing an eye, an ear, and most of his teeth. Doctors don’t really understand why his body seems to produce non-cancerous tumors all over his face, but for the time being they have offered reconstructive surgery he isn’t sure he wants.

#Rick Genest

Rick Genest Rick Genest

This Canadian model, and artist is known by his stage name, “Zombie Boy” not because he eats the living’s brains for lunch, but due to the fact that he is head to toe covered in tattoos. In 2011, he was featured in Lady Gaga’s music video for the song, “Born This Way.” This is a little bit of a misnomer, because clearly Rick wasn’t born with all those tattoos, but after being diagnosed with a benign brain tumor made him take stock of his life in a different way. He has appeared in the film “47 Ronin” with Keanu Reeves, and actually had a cosmetics contract with L’oreal as their first male spokesperson.

#Chandra Bahadur Dangi

#7. Chandra Bahadur Dangi

This gentleman is actually considered the shortest man on Earth at 1 foot, 9 ½ inches tall. His tiny stature has gained him much notoriety throughout the world, and he is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. When you think about it, he is possibly smaller than some infants who are born. Being from Nepal, he loves to travel the world letting people know that even though he is small he can still make a difference.

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